Step To Apply Makeup For Going Out

Step To Apply Makeup For Going Out

Step To Apply Makeup For Going Out Whenever a woman has to go out, she wishes that she looks beautiful and her skin appears flawless. This is mostly achieved by using different types of makeup products.

Day makeup is quite different from evening makeup and thus, a woman must apply products accordingly. While doing evening makeup, a woman should know whether she would be subjected to low-light conditions or bright light conditions, as makeup guidelines for both these situations are different.

How to Apply Makeup Products For Going Out

One makeup product that is usually applied by women while going out is foundation. For applying, foundation should be mixed with some moisturizer. Ratio of foundation and moisturizer should be selected as per the type of coverage needed. For example, if a woman has rough skin, she might have to take more quantities of foundation.

Though foundation mixture is applied normally by a sponge, it is better if fingers are used for blending and applying foundation. This is because using fingers leads to warming up of foundation, which blends well with the skin. As a result, flawless and natural looks are obtained. After applying, hands should be washed with mild soap as foundation can stain them.

Next makeup product that is usually applied before going out is eyeliner. In fact, some women do not apply foundation or moisturizer and make their face appealing by applying eyeliner only. Before applying eyeliner, it must be ensured that it has a fresh tip. If it does not contain same, it should be sharpened. Eyeliner with fresh tip contains fewer bacteria and is easy to apply. First of all, upper and lower interior of eyelid is lined by using eyeliner.

If tears come out of eyes due to application of eyeliner, eye makeup should not be done for few minutes. Afterwards, eyeliner is applied to lash line of upper and lower eyelids. By using fingers, eyeliner is blended into the eye lash line so as to provide soft and smoky looks to eyes. After eyeliner application is over, eye shadow is applied to eyes.

If a woman wishes to play up with her eyes, she should use brown or gray eye shadow. Similarly, if a woman wishes to play up with her lips, she must apply natural shades of eye shadow. For example, taupe or beige eye shadow can be used. Eye shadow is applied to the lash line by using a flat and medium sized brush.

Eye shadow must be blended well at the corners so that no demarcation is visible. Outer edges of eye shadow are generally blended with the help of fingers.
After eye makeup is over, blush is applied to apples of cheeks with the help of a puffy brush.

While applying blush, gentle and sweeping strokes should be made. Lip gloss or lip stick should be chosen on the basis of skin tone. If eyes are to be made prominent, peach or pale pink lip gloss should be applied as these provide natural looks. However, if lips are to be made prominent, red or berry lip stick should be applied. Before applying lipstick, lip liner should be used for lining the lips. Lip liner also helps in helping the color to stay on lips for longer duration.

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