Step Parents

One of the blessings in life is to be a parent and getting the opportunity to do parenting. Parenting itself is a challenging job and the challenges increase manifold when the parenting comes to step parents.

Due to the rapidly changing value systems, attitudes and more blended families coming into being step parenting has become a necessity for many men and women. A blended family is that where a couple marries along with their existing kids to form a blended family.

Many individuals become apprehensive as to whether their step children will accept them in a positive way, will they themselves be able to accept the step children lovingly and will be able to love them equally along with their own kids, etc. But after all parenting itself is a matter of love; where love exists nothing remains difficult anymore thus step parenting also becomes easy if one is really willing to make it happen.

The kids are yet young to accept the change in their lives and to accept a new parent in place of the parent who is no longer around takes quite some time and adjustment. One must be patient with the kids and be their friends first rather than a step parent.

One must remember not to make few mistakes while trying to be a good step parent. There should be little or no space for impatience. Anger or any sort of negative attitude in the beginning itself may tamper the smooth way to step parenting. One must not show more importance to own children rather treat both own and step children as far as possible in a similar manner.

Showing trust and confidence are few of the best ways to win over the kids’ hearts but the feeling must be true as well as kids can very easily detect untrue feelings. Rather than feeling like a step parent just feel relaxed and think positive, the kids are after all just kids who need to be understood and not given a time period to start behaving normally with the new comer in their lives.

Research shows a lot of successful step parents who are as well bonded with their step children just as their own. The trick is to remain patient, focussed and true to the commitment. Making the kids feel as a part of the step parent’s life is essential as well.