Step Out In Great Style

shoe If you are one of those confused women, who doesn’t know which shoe is the best fit for her, then you probably need to read on to make up your mind! Shoes should be choose according to the body type, feet and of course, to add to the “oomph factor”.

Apple Type Body (Upper Part Is Larger Than That Of The Lower Portion): Go for strappy sandals and heels that continue the long lines of your legs. You can also go for knitted heels as they are more comfortable or wedge heels which look sexy! Always wear heavier shoes so that it can balance your heavy upper body.

Pear Type (Curvy Bottom With Rounded Hips, Heavy Thighs And Wide Ankles): Make your legs look slim by wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes. You should avoid shows with ankle straps, which makes the ankle look even larger.

Athletic Type (Well Toned Body): Avoid wedge or platform heels. These will make you look heavy. Go for sleek heeled shoes that will help you, flaunt your well toned legs.

Heeled Versus Flats: Heels make you look taller but can sometimes be very uncomfortable. Go for wedge heels. These are comparatively easier to wear than stilettos. Whereas flats are good if you are naturally tall and have a well toned sleek body.

Round Toes Versus Pointy Ones: Pointed toes make toes look long and also make it look thinner. Round toes aren’t a good option.

Camouflage Thick Ankles: Layer your feet by wearing a high heeled strappy shoe. This makes your leg look longer and thinner as well. Avoid flats.

For Thin Ankles: Go for pencil heels with straps. Avoid chunky shoes.

Style It Right!: Make sure, you never wear light color shoes with dark color dresses or vice versa. With tapering leg trousers, go in for flats or boots. With jeans, wear flats and never a stiletto. Flats look good with skirts whereas pencil heeled shoes looks chic with short dresses.

So, next time you go for shoe shopping, remember these rules in mind and you will surely make the right choice!