Step By Step Instructions To Do 1920s Makeup

Step By Step Instructions To Do 1920s Makeup

Step By Step Instructions To Do 1920s Makeup However we may move on in time, certain fashion styles remain timeless. White the 1950s pin up style is a clean but diva glam, the 80s rock n roll are bold and wild. The style that has been the common everyday ladies’ favorite is perhaps the 1920s style.

This make up alone, worn modern day hair styles is very easy to wear, making it look modern and every day. But the same makeup worn with short or medium hair, with neat curls, make it look so back to the old world of 1920s. The most famous icon of this look is Greta Garbo. Remember the old nostalgic photos?  Remember the painted images of the beautiful ladies? This old feeling would linger with a nostalgic sweetness forever. So, how do we go about the make up?

The very first step to this look would be to begin by shaving off your eye brows. Yes, during this time, the eye brows were shaved off and drawn instead. For a modern take, you may thin them down to almost a line. Start with a foundation that is preferably lighter than your skin tone. Do not forget to put it on your neck and arms and all exposed parts as well.

Alternately, you can go for your natural foundation, but the skin should be flawless. Do your concealer as well to hide blemishes and lightly swirl on some loose powder to set the makeup. Now, take an eye shadow in grey or brown. You can also opt for deep or smoky green or smoky blue. With the help of a shader brush, gently pack them on and blend them well up to your crease. You can skip the liner or go for a very thin line.

Pack your eyes with plenty of mascara. If you like, falsies are always welcome. So, you can out on falsies as well. Now, with the help of your eye brow pencil, start drawing the eye brows. It should be very thin and neat and dark so that it stands out. Be careful to make them symmetrical. Asymmetrical eye brows would entirely ruin the look. Start from the inner end.

Take your time to do this since the eye brows are crucial to any kind of look. Once you are done, move on to your lips. Unlike the 1950s, the lips in this look are not the center of all the attention. But red lips were much in vogue. But there are plenty of other options as well, like rosy coral, raspberry, etc. Even the red that was worn was not the screaming siren red.

It was a kind of medium red which would make the lips look dark on screen. Brush on some lip color. Glosses were unknown to the 1920s world. So, we would not wear glosses. But the lipsticks themselves were either glossy or creamy. So, it is advisable to use a regular creamy or moisturizing lip color.

For the blushes, you can choose raspberry, any berry tone or the recent rage orange. Yes, orange blush is not a modern phenomenon, but were made fashionable by women a century ago.So, go for this easy to wear vintage look and stand out of the crowd.

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