Steam Baths And How You Benefit From Them

steambath Many health spas, gyms and clubs offer steam baths that have numerous benefits.


A regular steam bath can improve your immune system. During a steam bath, the body temperature becomes very high, which in turn destroys most of the viruses and bacteria that are present in the body. Such an action stimulates the body’s immune system and helps it to activate its own forces.


The high temperature of steam baths is very effective in destroying malignant cells. Such baths also speed up the generation of antibodies as interferon (an anti-viral protein) is produced that has effective properties to fight cancer.


As a steam bath induces perspiration, it helps the body to get rid of waste products and toxins that are accumulated.  After a massage, getting a steam bath can help to throw out those toxins that the massage has dislocated.


A steam bath offers relief from stress as the steam that enters the body helps the tired muscles to relax. Having a warm shower after a steam bath helps to enjoy a good sleep at night.


Steam not only improves blood circulation but also offers several cardiovascular benefits by increasing the pulse rate without causing an escalation of the blood pressure. This happens as the heat causes the blood vessels to expand and have room for an increased blood flow. Consequently, a larger amount of nutrients are carried to the skin, thereby giving it a healthy and youthful radiance.

Who should not take a steam bath

People having heart diseases or fever, small children, pregnant women and old people should not have steam bath.

How to take a steam bath

Don’t take a steam bath for over fifteen minutes at a time. Drink enough water before such a bath as such baths have a dehydrating effect.


  • nabil g marar

    i am a male seventy yrs old and enjoy good health generally. I take pills for high blood pressure and mild diabetes which keeps both under control. I go to the gym and swim three times a week. and used to enjoy the steam bath and sauna 5 minutes each, three times a week. I stopped the sauna and steam after my friend a doctor aged 68 died in the steam bath. Shall i continue regardless? i am overwight my BMI is 34

  • Ranga

    Is it Ok to have a steam bath right after a hard work out in the gym?