Steam Bath – For Relaxing the Body and Mind

Steam baths have been popular right from the time of the ancient Greeks. Later the ancient Romans adopted the steam bath and called it the ‘Sudatorium’.

The ‘Hammam’ or the Turkish Steam Bath has survived for centuries and has slowly spread to Russia and is known by the name of ‘Bania’. So what exactly is a steam bath and what is the reason behind its ever increasing popularity?

As the word indicates, steam bath refers to a bath which is done with the help of steam. A steam bath is similar to a sauna but with a different kind of atmospheric condition which helps to relax and renew the energy and promotes health and beauty.

Normally steam baths are taken in rooms with temperatures varying between 110F and 116F with a permanent steam or mist present.

Before taking a steam bath it is advisable not to have a heavy meal. To prevent dehydration due to excessive sweating drink plenty of water before taking a steam bath.To recover from exertion and to compensate for the loss of body electrolytes it is essential to drink plenty of water and to have a salty meal after a steam bath.

Wear comfortable clothes or a loose fitting cotton wrap if you are taking a steam bath. Never wear tight fitting or ill fitting clothes as it can interfere with the body temperature. Once you enter the steam bath cabin, relax and enjoy the rejuvenating experience. An individual should remain in the sealed cabin of the steam bath for periods not exceeding twenty to twenty five minutes, as otherwise they may experience rapid heartbeat, excessive thirst, dizziness and dehydration. Once you exit the cabin allow your body to cool down with cool water or cool air.

Taking a steam bath is extremely beneficial for people suffering from different kinds of health conditions like sinusitis, arthritis, bronchitis, asthma, insomnia or a persistent cough. Steam baths are gaining a great deal of popularity especially among women because of its skin cleansing abilities. Steam baths also removes excessive oil, unclogs pores and generally soothes the skin.

Steam baths also helps in improving the skin tone, boosting the immune system, relaxing the muscles and improving their flexibility and generally creates a sense of wellbeing.