Stay Updated About G-Spot

Whenever we talk about G-spot, we take it as a very sensitive place in the vagina. It is supposed that when it is stimulated it creates a highly intense orgasm. Most of the women believe that there is a existence of G-spot.

Some people say it is got existence and some say it is not truth. Well it is believed that G-spot is a highly sensitive area located inside the vagina, even less than halfway up the front wall from the vagina opening. It is also known as the urethral sponge, if this spot is stimulated is said to cause strong vaginal orgasms.

It is a bean shaped area in the vagina. It became popular after a book published on human sexuality known as g-spot in early 1980,s. the Grafenberg Spot is often called as g-spot. Nobody is sure whether there is evidence of g-spot or not. Even there is not a lot of study done on the existence of g-spot.

Anatomical studies also have found its existence. Till now scientist have not found areas like this in which we expect to find an area in the vagina that really contains the higher  level of concentration of nerve endings. It is true that nobody is sure about it that whether g spot exist or not but it is also true that mostly all the women around the world accept the existence of g-spot.

They say that it gives an enormous sexual arousal when it is stimulated. Some women have also gone for a plastic surgery procedure which is called G-spot amplification to enhance its sensitivity. It also gives powerful orgasm and female ejaculation G-spot has become as popular among women as clitoris which is located above the opening of the vagina.

If you are really looking for something highly sensitive anatomical structure in the vagina that surely leads to orgasm when it is stimulated then you can start with clitoris. There is really few proof of the existence of g spot but the main key is having healthy and satisfying sexual activity. Sex should be such that women can love, enjoy and can get or achieve orgasm either vaginal or clitoral stimulation.