Stay Slim Forever

vase-shaped-figure Every woman wants to stay slim and trim forever, but it’s definitely not an easy task and that is quite apparent from the number of obese women you can see all around.

Staying in shape is all about self control and discipline, and here are some pointers which tell you about where all this dedication and discipline is required.

Don’t keep nibbling

Most women end up being fat because they just can’t stop nibbling on sweets and other high calorie foods like chips, cakes, biscuits, candies and chocolates. If nibbling is a deep set habit and you’re finding it difficult to get over it, try sugar free chewing gums or salads to keep your mouth busy.  Chewing gum or salad, will give you the mental satisfaction that you have something to munch, while this munching won’t end up in added pounds.

Avoid overeating

The best way to avoid over eating is to restrict yourself to homemade food, and there again you must prepare and cook only that amount of food which you should be eating. When you cook more than what you need to eat, you feel tempted to finish off the leftovers and that’s where the unwanted calories get into your body.

Sweat it out

Even if you’re eating a controlled diet, sweating it out with some exercises will always be beneficial in toning up the body and in keeping you healthy. If you are finding it difficult to get on with exercises, the other way round is to do all your household chores all by yourself.

Almost every household task such as mopping, cooking, washing and gardening is a good way to burn the extra calories. However, whether you decide in favor of exercise or stick around to doing household chores, remember that consistency is that key to effective results.

Eat more fiber

Cut down on the fat rich foods, and increase your intake of fibrous food. While red meat, deep fried foods and sweet desserts are all inflammatory, foods which are rich in fiber such as vegetables and whole grains have an anti inflammatory effect on your body, which prevents the accumulation of fat under the skin.

And lastly, always remember that food is meant to satisfy hunger and it is in no way something that you can use to keep yourself busy.

Sidharth Thakur