Stay Sexy Forever

As age grows many problems arise that reduce sexual enjoyment. Some times it is related to our health; some times it is our job, our tiring house hold work, & it could even be taking care of children and parents.

Much depends upon our physical and emotional state. Even healthiest relationship can get affected by this. These things can cause loss of libido and also creates emotional distance between the partners.

But keeping intimacy alive can recharge your life. It has been found that people with good health have far better sexual life as compared to others. They have less chances of sexual dysfunction. If you are having loss of intimacy between you two then you can help yourself to become sexy again.

Be healthy – regular exercising really helps. Sexual arousal depends on the flow of your blood and you can get better blood circulation by exercising. Daily aerobics for some time helps to keep the blood flowing and good heart pumping.

Eating right food that is high in fiber and low in fat is always good for health. Good sleep also helps you to refresh yourself. Stop smoking and avoid drinking too much of alcohol as these things are responsible for sexual dysfunction. •

Communicate – spit out your felling about sex to your partner. Maybe, he/she suggests some real answer. Tell him about the changes in your body.Tell him what you like while doing sex. Tell your partner about the good things he is doing while sex and not about what he is not doing. During lovemaking, just talk about love and keep your tension and worries out of your bedroom.

Help yourself – stop thinking about age. Start thinking about your sexual fantasies. If possible, write it down and share with your partner. Touching is the best thing in physical intimacy. Hugging, fondling, and holding hands increase intimacy. There are many books available that will really help you to improve your sexual life.

Make it fun – come out of the boring routine activity and try something new. Do not have intercourse all the time. Be inventive to increase the intimacy between you two. Feel young. As sexual activity is for enjoying and you can make it more enjoyable.

Thus, to stay sexy forever feel sexy from within.