Stay Cool with Flip Flops this Summer

For those short trips or vacations, nothing is more appropriate than a pair of flip-flops. Flip-flops symbolize fashion and comfort. Footwear stores nowadays are filled with flip flops in various colors and designs.

From beads to braided, sequins to crochets, you name it – you have it. They are perfect for summer as they act as breathers – helping you to stay away from heavy covered shoes and the heeled ones. Stay cool during summer with eco-friendly flip flops, which are in vogue the world over.

Handmade with different and unusual materials like bamboo, recycled cork or even dental floss, they’re a sure hit. That’s not all, if you wish to carry your flip flops you can even fold them to save space. That’s possible if you look for flip flops that are made of recycled tire rubber.

And what’s craziest about flip-flops is that you can actually style up a pair of these sandals all by yourself. This is one DIY task that you are really going to enjoy.

Give vent to your creativity and make your own stylish flip-flops at home with some easily accessible raw material. With the help of few basic tools like yarn, scissors, glue and some fabric straps you can transform a pair of simple looking flip flop to a designer one. Experiment with beads, sequins, different fabrics and see what wonders you can do to your flip flops.

If you are looking for flip flops that won’t compromise your height – go in for the ones with arch support. They’ll help you get that nice tall look by correcting your posture, but without compromising on the comfort and style.

Benefits of flip flops with arch padding

The below-mentioned points will tell you about the benefits of wearing arched flip-flops.

1.    These are more stable and more comfortable than regular flip flops.

2.    With arch support, your legs and butt muscles get toned, immensely. They also help and improve core muscle strength.

3.    Apt for longer wear, especially for those who have to be on their toes most of the time and who suffer from foot related problems.

Some trendy and branded flip flops are sure to grab your attention – namely Nike’s women range, Chaco sandals and Moszkito sandals. Not to mention the prices, they are pretty reasonable, so you can get as many as you want.

Sidharth Thakur