Stages Of Emotional Development In Children

Knowing if your child is going through the right course of emotional development is not only important to check if your child isn’t lacking anything It’s very important for parents to ensure emotional growth of their child. For that they need to check if their child isn’t lacking anything and also to know that the mental state of their child is right and not stunted in any way.

Emotional development is as important as developing your child’s intellect and intelligence. And so, to put your child on the right track, make sure that he/she goes through the following stages and at the right age.

Stage of Trusting

This is the beginning of the emotional development in your child when your child begins to learn to trust the right people around him/her. This is the stage where you need to provide a huge amount of feedback to your child so as to help him/her differentiate who is good and who is bad. But not all, they learn most of it by experience. This stage begins in infancy and lasts for a couple of years.

Stage of Deciding

This is the stage where they develop a will of their own. This is also the stage where they discover that they have the right or ability to decide what they want. This new found discovery comes with a lot of emotional imbalance where the child won’t know when to quit which is where the temper tantrum begins.

But some children take this as a new found independence and unconsciously begin to build their personality on their own. This stage usually begins slightly after the first year and continues for 2-3 years.

Stage of Socializing

This is stage where children begin to enjoying playing, especially in groups where they learn to socialize, share, make friends and develop a lot of vivid imagination. Remember that at this stage, children are not yet independent and still need your guidance and help.

Stage of Intellectual Development

This is the stage where the child begins to slowly draw him/herself out of the imaginative world full of playtime and get serious about things like school and studies. This is also the stage where the child truly begins to understand relationships and learn to maintain them. You can also notice that they begin to solve problems on their own, no matter how small they are.