Spider Veins Causes During Pregnancy

Spider Veins During Pregnancy

Spider Veins During Pregnancy Spider veins are a very normal and reversible skin condition during pregnancy. Spider veins are the small bluish veins that appear on the legs, abdomen and even the hands.

They appear in a spider web fashion and may or may not be accompanied by varicose veins. Not all women get spider veins. Some women manage to have an uneventful pregnancy. If you have suffered from spider veins, knowing the causes can make you take steps to prevent them from occurring.

Various Spider Veins Causes During Pregnancy 


Hormonal Changes

The hormones pumping in your body during your pregnancy causes several skin changes. You may find your skin to be translucent and stretched. Because the skin around the abdominal region is held tight, it makes it easier to see the veins and nerves on the skin. Skin changes can cause you to develop spider veins.

Increased Blood Flow

Blame your hormones for increasing the flow of blood to various parts of the body. The increased blood flow occurs due to the needs of the growing baby. The blood also flows with pressure. The increase in the volume and flow of blood causes your veins to swell up and enlarge leading to the condition called as spider veins.

Vein Injuries

If you have had previous injuries that have damaged the valves in the veins, then this can cause the veins to swell up. Diabetes and gestational diabetes during pregnancy can exacerbate the condition of spider veins.


Pleasantly plump can be very unpleasant during pregnancy, setting you up for a host of pregnancy complications. Extra weight puts pressure on the nerves and veins and this can lead to varicose veins and spider veins.


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Obesity causes the valves to weaken which means that they can no longer do their job of pumping blood back to the heart. This causes blood to accumulate in the veins.

Lack Of Exercise

If you are diabetic, overweight and have a history of varicose veins, then you are more likely to develop the condition. On top of that, if you do not exercise and keep yourself physically active then your condition may worsen with time.


Heredity can predispose you to spider veins during pregnancy. It has been well researched and documented that those women whose mothers suffered from spider veins during their pregnancy are more likely to suffer from it during their own pregnancies.

Wearing Heeled Shoes During Pregnancy

Another cause of spider veins during pregnancy is wearing ill-fitting shoes and high heels. These restrict the flow of blood to the veins and cause the blood to accumulate in certain areas leading to the condition of spider veins.

Preventing Spider Veins

Now that you know what leads to spider veins during pregnancy, taking preventive steps and can give you the much-needed relief. Avoid sitting and standing for long periods. Make sure you alternate periods of rest with periods of activity to facilitate good blood flow. Wear compression socks and flat-footed sandals for ease in walking. Take in as much exercise as you can, as this will prevent spider veins from developing.

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Neha Chaturvedi