Speed Dating

Crunched for time? Need a match? Speed dating might just be the right option for you. Speed dating, actually, is a well organized form of matchmaking approach about meeting a lot of people in a short duration of time. Most speed dating events occur in very short dates. Typically, three to nine minutes, where one participant meets with another for a personal conversation about any topic they choose. Here, a signal is shown or sounded to all the participants. And each of the participants notes down as to whether they’d like to meet their ‘date’ again or not before moving on to another ‘date’. Usually, after one or two days of the speed dating event, participants are notified as to who else wanted to meet them, and also, a method of get in touch with each other.

Most of these dating events will need you to register with the organization along with a credit card. This is done to ensure an equal number of people in the event. In the case of heterosexual events, an equal number of men and women are also ensured. Different speed dating organizations have different ratio of eligible singles. And they have different rules too. While some strictly focus on matching numbers, others are more relaxed in the rules and prefer a party setting for the participants.

Most speed dating events does not have an open age range. And in the most cases, you will need to fall within the specified age range in order to participate. However, some special speed dating events care about the age to cater to certain groups, such as homosexuals, racial affiliations or religious groups, or for those with similar hobbies.

If you are looking for a perfect match, and have little time on your hands, speed dating might be just the right choice for you.

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