Spa experience In Your Own Bathroom, Unbelievable!

Well, if you are intrigued about this thing of wellness, well being and mental and physical health, a rage that has fast caught up with us, you could try and be more enterprising and turn your own bathroom into a spa. It does sound too good to be real though, but with the proper amenities, there is no reason why we should be deprived of the home-spa experience.

So here’s how we can go about it. You can start with a clean bath tub and if it is not impeccably clean why not start with cleaning it by scrubbing it? You can then have the warm towels ready by throwing some soft big towels into the dryer and then keeping them near the bath tub so that they can be used whenever necessary. You can have some green tea or aromatic tea while you are in the tub.

The next best thing to have is the candles and some music to keep you going. Let it play long enough so that you don’t have to get hassled in getting up and changing the music again and again. There should be some safe area for lighting the candles too. The shower curtains should not come in the way of these candles.

You can run the bath water and have some oils, or essences into it. Dip some rose petals too so that the aroma embalms you. As you must know aroma brings in a lot of relief from pain, both mental and physical and as you start inhaling the air around you feel better. You can choose from among salt baths, oil baths or bubble baths. A touch of Nature to the bathroom would make the ambience wonderful.

There are the stones, plants and flowers to decorate with. Use a natural brush made of fibers to scrub the body before the magical experience starts. Rub the same in circles smoothly over the skin to take off the dirt and that also helps in exfoliation. At the same time think in your mind of all your anger and negative emotions getting scrubbed away from the body.

It is a rejuvenating experience if it is done well. When you are ready to take the bath put off the lights and light the candles. After all that you can slowly wipe yourself with the warmed up towels. You could also consider a facial massage or a pack when you are in the bathroom spa. This is a treat for you after a tired day at work, really.