Sore Muscle Treatment Tips

Have you got sore muscles after a long walk or after a long illness? It tends to prevent you from going back to your favorite sport and at times can make movements difficult if you have it in legs.

Many a times this happens because of strain in the muscles which can be caused due to exercises or illness.

If this is because of a workout, then some stretching exercises will help you ease the pain. However, when you intend to do it, keep your physio-trainer informed. Stretch each muscle group that is affected for 60 seconds. Do not hurry the procedure, and do it gently. Hurrying in this case might lead to greater muscle soreness and possible muscular injury.

You must drink a lot of water to keep the body hydrated. This helps the muscles get relieved faster. Whenever you begin the exercise, do not jump guns and go straight to the main muscle training exercises.

Always start with lighter exercises to warm the muscle group up to take on greater load and pressure. For example, before running on the treadmill, always walk for 10 minutes. Finish the exercises by a light cardiovascular training session. Massages help in removing cramps from muscles.

In all the other cases, if you find that there is a muscle that is sore, put a towel wet in hot water over the cramp area and let the muscle soothe down. Alternatively, you can take a hot shower.

Hot water on sore muscles helps them ease and relax thereby relieving any tensions and soreness in them. Massaging the area in slow circular motion with slight pressure always helps in reducing the pain in sore muscles.

Bananas are not only the right food for muscle sores but also they are considered to be instant energy providing food, rich in fiber and proteins.

Usually the muscle sores are due to the loss of nutrients including minerals and having a banana after the muscle cramp will help you replenishing the mineral supply in the muscle, thereby helping it relieve the pain. The other easy way is to rest a lot. If you are not bound by time, then resting is the best way to cure sore muscles.