Some Ways To Tell If The Guy You Love Really Loves You

Falling in love sounds good, but what do you do when you aren’t sure, how does the guy you love feel about you? Do you simply sit back and start pulling out petals from a rose to find out if this guy whom you love, does really love you too? But sadly this isn’t as simple, so you will have to go the long way of “close observation” to pick up clues as to what is in your guys mind.

Let’s make this prodigious task a bit easier for you and pin point some specific actions, expressions and behavior that you need to observe, and you might soon have the answer to your question.

Does this guy seem to have made any changes to his dress up style, particularly something that’s more in-sync with your taste?

If you are both working in the same office then check how often does he glance at you while working? And in case you not working together observe how often he looks at you when he is on a phone call or talking to some acquaintance while on a date with you.

When you land up in some troubled waters, what’s his approach towards solving your problem and getting you out of the situation? Does he love to stand by you and offer a helping hand when you need his support?

Can you observe swings in his disposition with your mood swings? That’s when you are happy, he too seems contented, and when you are upset he seems uneasy. If he loves you he will definitely make some efforts to cheer you up when you are feeling grim.

Does he give you special attention when you both are in a group of friends? Does he talks to you in a more polite and humble manner when compared with the way he goes around talking with his other friends?

What is his reaction when you mix around with other men at parties or at office? If you see those jealousy fumes rising, it does indicate that he has some strong feelings for you.
And lastly, don’t just keep waiting till eternity for love signals; do give him a hint about your feeling and if you still can’t figure out then go on and ask him.

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