Some Unconventional Beauty Tips

Some Unconventional Beauty Tips

Some Unconventional Beauty Tips Women follow hundreds of beauty tips for looking beautiful and attractive. Most of these tips are regarding use of certain types of beauty products. However, there are some beauty tips that are altogether different and do not require a woman to apply commonest beauty products.

These unconventional beauty tips generally relate to use of substances normally found at home. Thus, there are cost effective too. Since these substances are mostly natural, no side effects are generally reported.

Some Unconventional Beauty Tips That Can Make You Really Beautiful

It has been found that if a woman has hard or patchy skin, she starts using cosmetic products manufactured for such type of skin. Rather than using synthetic cosmetic products, freshly ground coffee can be used for scrubbing the face and removing layer of dead cells.

However, dry coffee should not be used for scrubbing, as it can scratch the face considerably. Rather, some quantity of ground coffee is added to warm water and left for about half a minute so as to form a paste. This paste is applied on face gently for removing dead skin cells.

Milk is considered as one of best natural moisturizing agents. Lactic acid present in milk also helps in removing dead cells of skin. For application, half cup of whole milk should be mixed to half cup of water in a spray bottle. This mixture should be sprayed on face two times a day. There is no need of washing the face after spraying this mixture, as it is readily absorbed into skin.

Another unconventional beauty tip is regarding oily skin. Oily skin can be treated through a homemade toner that is prepared from lemon juice and cucumber. This mixture removes excess oil from the skin so that it starts glowing. This mixture also closes pores in skin, which reduces oil secretion to a great extent.

If a woman has dry skin, a soothing facial mask can be prepared by using crushed apricot and any sort of heavy natural cream. Crushed apricot is considered as very effective in hydrating and moisturizing skin. Some crushed apricots are added to a heavy cream and this mixture is applied on face at night before going to bed. Regular use of this mixture removes dryness and skin appears healthy and fresh.

In winters, lips become dry very often. Though lip balms are easily available at beauty stores, honey can also be applied on lips for removing dryness. A thin layer of honey can be applied two to three times a day for treating dry and irritated lips. Similarly, honey can also be applied over face during winters for preventing dryness.

Skin damaged due to cold air is treated effectively by honey. For preventing overall body dryness, virgin olive oil can be massaged over entire body half an hour before taking bath. If a person does not like odor of olive oil, he can use mild soap while bathing for removing the odor.

For whitening teeth, strawberries can be used instead of white strips or different types of bleaching agents. For application, both ends of strawberries are cut and teeth are then scrubbed with these for two to three minutes. For getting maximum effect, teeth should be brushed with regular tooth paste after applying strawberries.

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