Some Things You’d Better Avoid On Your Date

first-date1 If you’ve been dating someone, or are planning to go on a date with someone, here are some things that are best avoided so as to keep your dating enjoyable.

Forget the past

There is no apparent reason why you need to begin talking about your past relationships, or what all you did with your ex and what all places you visited with your ex. Your past relationship is pass and now you are stepping into a new one.

Don’t let your past overshadow the present and future of this new relationship. Talk about anything but your past love relationships on your date. There are many other wonderful things that you can talk about like your career, your hobbies or about the places you have visited.

It’s not an interview, it’s a date

When you are out with your new boyfriend, remember that you are not there to interview or interrogate him. Don’t make the date a miserable experience for the guy by asking him too many questions about his past, his family, his careers or his political views. Too many questions are sure to freak him out.  And chances are he may not want to see you again.

It’s not time for “we” yet

Even if you have been out with him a couple of times, it’s still too early to bring in the word ‘we’. When you suddenly shift form ‘I and you’ to ‘we’; the guy may feel choked with this sudden turn in the relationship. Men take time to get emotionally intimate, and hearing the word ‘we’ from your mouth may make them uncomfortable. Also some guys believe that if the girl gets on to the ‘we’ term too early, it shows the kind of desperation that she has for the relationship.

Preserve you individuality

Most girls have the tendency to mirror image their boyfriends on their initial dates, in a desperate effort to impress the guy. Remember no guy wants his woman to look like his photocopy. If he likes you, he likes you for certain distinct qualities that you have. And when you try to be his mirror image, you will loose your own uniqueness that probably got you together. So walk you own walk, instead of stepping into his foot steps.

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Sidharth Thakur