Some Things That Are Best Left Unsaid In Love Relationships

dating-faux By the general rules of society it is believed that truth always sets you free, but when it comes to love and dating, there are lots of things which must be left unsaid. Women in particular, must learn to keep their secrets hidden, until they find the right person and the right time, to let those things out.

Most guys are inquisitive about their girlfriends past and you may find yourself confronted with a dozen questions, especially about your dating and relationship experiences in the past. They are mostly trying to dig up information about the kind of intimacy that you’ve had with other guys, and that’s where you need to play safe if you don’t want to see this prince turning into a frog. Whatever has been your score just keep it hidden. And let the guy know that you have never been as intimate with anyone as you are with him.

Another area, where you need to control your words, is when you’re talking about your own beauty and attractiveness. Even if you’re not satisfied with your body shape and always have a kind of insecurity about your looks, don’t make it obvious and better still never talk about it.

This guy is with you because he feels you are attractive, and there’s no reason why you need to make him feel there’s something lacking in you. He may not even have realized that there is something weird about you, so why do you want to make things horrible, for yourself, by pointing out the flaws in your body or face.

When you’re in love, it’s hard to deny this fact, and you may rather want to shout out loud that you’re in love. As your grandmother would like to put it into your head, don’t even let the man in question know that you are desperate about him. Let them know that you love him, so that he stays with you, but avoid letting him know how crazy you are about him. If he knows that he is your weakness, the odds are he will begin abusing you very soon. Knowing that you will do anything to stay with him, he will always do what he wants to and may not even apologize when he does something wrong.

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Sidharth Thakur