Some Popular Hairstyles For Dance Competition

Hairstyles for Dance Competition

Hairstyles for Dance Competition Different types of preparations are necessary for participating in dance competitions. For example, dress for dance has to be selected. If dance competition is casual one, shirts, skirts and other clothing have to be selected.

Makeup is also done for looking more beautiful while dancing. Hairs also need to be coordinated with the type of dress and dance. There are many types of hairstyles that can be worn by a woman while dancing. While choosing hairstyle, a woman has to ensure that hairs do not fall on face. Similarly, it must be ensured that hairstyle chosen aids in highlighting the makeup as well as facial expressions.

Some Popular Hairstyles for Dance Competition

Braided bun is one of most popular hairstyles for dance competition. This hairstyle keeps hairs out of eyes and face and thus, a woman can easily concentrate on her moves during dancing. Braided bun also makes a woman look pretty. In this type of hairstyle, hairs are sectioned into four areas and each of these is braided.

As a result, four long braids are formed. Afterwards, these braids are wrapped around each other for making a bun. Each of these braids is secured in place by using a bobby pin. If there is any color scheme followed in dance, a colored ribbon can be used for wrapping the bun. Ribbon Braid is also worn commonly at dance competitions.

Since ribbon is used for making this hair style, it is better if dance uniform is taken along for matching the ribbon. Ribbon matching with the main color of the dress should be chosen. Length of ribbon purchased should be two times the length of arms. For braiding, hairs are first separated at the middle so that two equal sections are formed.

One of these sections is then divided into three equal subsections. One of these subsections is grasped and ribbon is added to it. It is then braided. Hairs over and under the section are wrapped continuously so that braids get wrapped around the hair. This should be done very carefully so that no awkward looks are resulted.

Wrapping should be done until hair length of two inches from the bottom remains. Afterwards, a rubber band is applied for securing hairs. Remaining ribbon is then wrapped around the band. End of ribbon is tucked under the band for securing it. Similar actions are performed at other side of head for making a perfect ribbon braid.

Another hairstyle that is worn often at dance competitions is Half Up, Half Down. There are some dance types that require a woman to keep some of her hairs down the head. For such dance types, this hairstyle is considered as the best. While dancing, this hairstyle can be kept under control easily.

Hairs are also kept out of face. Hairs at the top and sides of head can be gathered for making a high ponytail. For making this hairstyle, hairs are first pulled partway by means of rubber band. Loop is left while making this style. It is then pushed down for flattening it to head. Rest of hairs are curled and adorned with ribbons and glitter. Ribbons of different colors matching with the dress can also be used.

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