Some Men Characters That Are Difficult To Handle

1true-love When you’re considering love relationships, there are a few men types that you must be wary of. After the first few dates, you need to thoroughly examine a guy’s personality before your relationship steps onto serious levels and before you commit to him. Here are three types of personalities, which must be handled with care, if you want to have a happy, fruitful and long lasting love relationship.

We are not saying they’re not fit to be in a relationship, but you must understand that there is a lot of effort and patience needed on your part, to keep the relationship intact.

The Mr. Know all

As the title is suggestive, such a person believes and behaves as if he’s the only one who knows everything and he’s the only one who is always right. Such guys like to impose their thoughts and decisions on to others without bothering about the other person’s emotions or willingness. Such behavior is normally a result of an inferiority complex, which makes these guys assertive about each and everything.

You really need a strong control over your nervous system to handle such guys, because whatever you may suggest will be ignored and he will try to push you into doing things his way. Such guys love to dominate and are always dying to get some appreciation from others.

The Mr. Imperfect

There are guys who lack in self confidence and who do not trust their own selves, and thus, may usually be seen complaining about being full of defects. They have deep rooted insecurities, and thus may constantly need reassurance to step out in the world and do things.

They are the self pitying kinds, and being in a relationship with such a guy you will have to work really hard to pull up his confidence level and to get him to take responsibility. Most of the time when you would want to talk about things with him, don’t expect him to listen to your story, because such people are overly engrossed about their own self and their inherent or self perceived weaknesses.

The Mr. Swing

These types of guys are a confusing mix of endless emotions and feelings, and while they may be happy at one moment they may get furious the very next minute. The anger swings are usually momentary, and the guy may even repent for his behavior once his anger gives up the ghost.  With such sudden swings in his behavior, you need to be extra particular about your gestures and words to avoid such mood fluctuations.

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Sidharth Thakur