Some Important Pregnancy Signs

The content of this article may not be the case with all women. The only possible way to figure out whether a woman is pregnant or not is to take a pregnancy test and see. Some pregnancy signs in the early stages indicate one the right time to take a pregnancy test.

However, a missed period is suspected to be nearly one month after conceiving. Just few days after fertilization, the body begins to send signals. So the symptoms mentioned below help one to become aware of pregnancy in the earlier stage.

Yearning for a specific food or missing a period simply doesn’t indicate an early pregnancy. The development of new life inside, just from the time of conceiving can be confirmed from several indications from the body.

Tips for the early pregnancy signs:

Aroma sensitivity: This is the first indication to the symptom of pregnancy. This is high lighted by showing sensitivity to aromas of various kinds. Sometimes even one of the favorite aromas like the smell of a perfume or food can feel odd and irritating.
Headaches:  During the early stages, the blood circulation increases and there are changes in the hormones that might cause mild headaches.

Lower back pain: An early symptom of pregnancy with lower back pain is indeed a “real pain”. This is due to several factors. First and foremost reason is that the weight changes. Since the uterus becomes bigger, the baby starts growing every week, and this makes a woman to put on weight.

Basal body temperature increases: Once the woman is in the early stages of pregnancy, the basal body temperature increases compared to the normal condition.

Mood swings: Due to the sudden flow of hormones into the body, the woman will be emotionally jumpy throughout this stage.

Craving for food: The woman would experience a strong craving for certain foods especially for the one’s which had once been the favorite. Those foods include cheese, meat, coffee and spicy foods.

Dizziness and faintness: Since the blood pressure drops and the blood vessels dilate and also the content of sugar goes low in blood the woman feels dizzy and lightheaded.