Some Fun Tips For Cleaning Your Child’s Bedroom

cleaning-your-child-bedroom A child is probably God’s greatest gift to mankind. However, bringing up these cherubs is not an easy task. A lot of time needs to be devoted behind their needs and wants. One of the biggest headaches of a parent is cleaning their child’s bedroom.

The sight of the room often resembles that of a battleground. Clothes strewn all over, games toppled one above the other, books kept on the bed and so on. Phew!! The list goes on and on. More than often, it is the parents who need to intervene and clean the room. However, it is extremely important for the children to clean their own room. This will instill a strong sense of discipline in them.

The task of making your child keep clean his/her room is certainly not easy. Here are a few simple tips that will help you to make cleaning fun for them:

1. It is important to teach your child the definition of a clean room. Take snaps of the room when tidy and when not. Put both the snaps on the wall of their room. Tell them this is how their room should look and this is how it should not.

2. Most of the times, the room gets dirty when the kids are playing. Tell them to spare the last 5 minutes of their playing time in cleaning up the room.

3. Hide pennies under their bed, clothes and books. Tell them that it is a treasure hunt. They need to tidy their room up and in the process, they will discover the hidden money.

4. Cook something special for them. Tell them to clean their room and you will reward them with their favorite food dish.

Try to use these simple tips and see how your child starts cleaning up his/her room.