Some Frozen Sweets That Children Can Make

sweets We share some recipes of sweet frozen treats here that will tickle the taste buds of your kids and are a healthy diet too.

Make Your Own Frozen Yogurt Pops!

At first, you need to purchase your desired flavor of regular yogurt, some popsicle sticks and a few paper cups of small size. Next, put some yogurt into the paper cup and then use a plastic wrap to cover the cup. Place a stick into every cup. For this, you need to create a tiny hole in the plastic cover. Put these treats in your refrigerator and wait for a couple of hours. Then, take out these mouth watering frozen yummies and enjoy them.

Frozen Bananas

Frozen bananas are another delight that you kids will love. When the banana is kept in the freezer, it almost gets a taste similar to that of a banana ice cream. To prepare frozen bananas, peel a few bananas and place them on a serving dish. Keep them in the freezer for the night. Next day, you can take them out and have a bite. If you want to eat them afterwards, you can put the bananas either in a freezer bag or wrap them using a plastic cover. After the bananas get frozen, you may also use some yogurt or syrup to dip them in. For some added taste, using a little amount of chocolate syrup that’s combined with chopped nuts could make your recipe all the more tempting!
Freeze Pops

For making a popsicle at home, you can use some plastic molds. Try using sodas or sugar free drinks fro making such popsicles.

Why Bother To Make Healthy Treats

Kids have a tendency to enjoy eating health food when they lend a hand in its preparation. So, it is a cost effective way to prepare such treats at home and let your kids help in making these delicacies.