Some Effective Ways to Fix Chipped Nail Polish

Shining nail coats always enhance beauty of hands. Many types of efforts are made by women to keep their nails look beautiful. However, due to some reasons,they suffer from chipping of nail polish or coat.

It has been found that nail chips are generally reported between manicure sessions. For fixing chipped nail polish, it is not necessary that a woman rushes to beauty salon. Rather, she can fix the problem at home also.

Some Effective Ways To Fix Chipped Nail Polish

There are some ways in which chipped nail polish can be fixed. For example, nail polish remover can be used for fixing the problem. If nail polish remover is not available, acetone can also be used. One drop of nail polish remover can be put on the tip of index finger of the hand, which does not have chipped nail.

This drop is rubbed on the finger nail that has chipped nail polish. Rubbing should be done gently and continuously for smoothing away the rough edges and globs. It is then left for drying up. Afterwards, small amount of nail polish is applied on chipped area. If needed, entire finger nail can be coated with nail polish.

After nail polish has dried, a clear coat of nail polish sealant should be applied so that no further chipping of nail polish occurs. Nail polish residue on the tip of index finger is wiped off with a cotton ball dipped in nail polish remover.

Another way of fixing chipped nail polish is to use a tooth-pick. Tooth pick is dipped inside the nail polish that is to be applied. This tooth pick containing nail polish is dotted on the chipped area in such a manner that it is evenly covered with it.

If chipped area is large, tooth pick can be dipped in nail polish for two or three times.Nail polish is then left on nail for drying. After it has completely dried, a clear coat of polish or nail polish sealant is applied through brush for preventing chipping of nail polish in future.

Buffing disk can also be used for fixing chipped nail polish. It is rubbed across the nail that has chipped polish. It must be remembered that buffing disk should be rubbed in one direction only. Rubbing of buffing disk helps in smoothing the edges.

It also makes the chip less noticeable.Afterwards,a clear coat of nail polish or sealant, as required, is applied on finger nail.

Apart from using polish sealant, there are some other steps too that can be taken for preventing nail polish from chipping. For example, top coat of nail polish should be applied after all the nails have been painted. This helps in creating a protection coat over polished nail.

Dipping of polished nails into cold water also helps in preventing nail polish chipping. However, nails must be dipped at least two minutes after applying polish. Polished nails should be dipped in ice cold water for two to three minutes.

Many estheticians believe that fast drying nail polishes do not have long term effect and they get chipped off in an easy manner. Thus, these polishes should be avoided.

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