Some Effective Homemade Hair Softeners

Some Effective Homemade Hair Softeners

Some Effective Homemade Hair Softeners Due to increasing pollution and other factors, hairs have to be shampooed frequently for keeping them clean. In some cases, even a person has to shampoo hairs daily. Frequent application of shampoo can lead to removal of natural oils from the hairs, which makes them dry and brittle. Such hairs are also very difficult to manage. This is the reason why conditioners have to be used after shampooing so that hairs remain soft and manageable.

Though markets are flooded with different types of hair conditioners, homemade hair softeners can also be applied to hairs for making them soft, shiny and beautiful. Unlike commercial conditioners, there are no side effects of homemade hair softeners and these can be used frequently on hairs. These softeners have proved very useful in pampering hair locks at home.

Homemade Hair Softeners

Many hair experts feel that a person must give hairs a break from harsh ingredients that are normally contained in salon and drugstore shampoos. Even conditioners available in market also contain different types of chemicals, which are harmful for hairs. Thus, once in a week, hairs may not be washed with shampoo. Some hair experts feel that doing this would provide better hair style.

It is to be understood that washing hairs daily with shampoo affects the pH of hairs adversely. Rather than using drugstore or commercial shampoos, natural shampoos prepared at home should be used. These shampoos also work as homemade hair softeners. For application, one tablespoon of baking soda is mixed in one cup of warm or hot water.

This mixture is stirred well. Quantity of baking soda and water can be adjusted as per the length of hairs. This mixture is applied on hairs and scalp. Due to its cleansing and conditioning properties, dust, oil and grease are removed effectively from hairs. This mixture is massaged into hairs for two to three minutes and is then rinsed with tepid water.

Hair conditioner should not be applied to hairs after this treatment. When used regularly, this mixture leads to soft, perfectly cleaned and shiny hairs. Similarly, natural conditioners can be made at home, which are considered as better than drugstore or commercial conditioners. One natural ingredient that has great cleansing and conditioning properties is Apple Cider Vinegar.

When it is applied to hairs after shampooing, it removes all types of buildups and makes hairs soft and lustrous. For application, one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar is added to three cups of distilled water so as to form a solution. It is applied to shampooed hairs and rinsed with cold water. This natural conditioner can be used once or twice in a week.

Similarly, rosemary oil also works as a good homemade hair softener. 20 to 25 drops of rosemary oil are added to 4oz. of olive oil. This mixture is applied to hairs and rinsed after two to three minutes. This mixture treats hair locks and stimulate scalp, apart from making them soft.

Deep conditioner can also be made at home by adding half cup of raw honey to two tablespoons of virgin olive oil. This mixture is massaged into hairs and left for ten to fifteen minutes and is rinsed with tepid water. Similarly, mixture of coconut oil, avocado, egg white and olive oil can be applied to hairs for making them soft and shiny.