Solutions to Your Summer Fashion Woes

With the changing weather, women around the globe are scampering to make the most of the warm air and the hot sun. It is not easy to find the right attire and accessories in order to look your best.

And to add to all of this you also need to keep up with ever changing trends. For this reason we’ve put together a list of clothes and accessories that will help get you rid of summertime woes.This time around one of the trendiest articles of clothing to get into is a playsuit or a jump suit. A short version of it is known as a romper. These are chic and can be used casually.

Wear it with a pair of sneakers, tennis shoes, Converse or ballet flats for a trendy casual look. However I must add that wearing it with high heel shoes, a cardigan or blazer is acceptable too- this will make the outfit look trendier and less casual.

The boyfriend blazer is another good accessory to have this summer. This is an oversized blazer that can be worn with sleeves rolled up and with the collar turned up. Look out for this blazer is nude and neutral shades like salmon, tan, off white, beige and white.

Cropped shorts or cut denims are also exceptionally hip and trendy this summer. This is not something that most women would opt for as it doesn’t always send a positive message about ones fashion sense.

If you are wearing cropped jeans then you need to make smart choices with other articles of clothing and accessories that you wear along with the shorts. A crisp white shirt, a flowing blouse or a tube top with a jacket look great. Don’t wear over sized tops that hit the shorts at the length of it; this will make you look tacky.

Don’t forget to add floral accents in your collection this summer. Dresses, accessories and shoes with flower patterns in them will make you look hip and stylish this summer.

Keep your color choices simple. Bright colors that pop or dark colors that show signs of maturity are not in demand this summer. This year is all about wearing pastels, nudes, beige and off white.

Incorporate ethnic prints in your clothes and accessories. Military prints and jackets are also very trendy this summer so get in on the trend in any way that you can.