Solutions For Picky Eating

It’s a never ending worry of a parent that their child is just not getting the right nutrition since anything that is healthy is what they hate and, like all the other children, are attracted to everything junk.

Children decide their liking based on how the food looks and taste and whatever nutrition or health hazard it comes with is not something they care about. So, keeping this in mind, you can come up with various ways to deal with your child’s annoying habit of leaving behind all those vegetables you carefully picked for them.

One thing that always attracts little children to eat food that are otherwise uninteresting are the food faces. Get creative and try making different faces and objects using the vegetables and other stuffs in the meal and see if your child can resist it. If you have no idea, there are tons of helps and ideas to make food faces available on the Internet.

Make sure the food you have prepared smells appetizing. No matter what the ingredients are, as long as the food smells good, it will naturally act as an appetizer and soon enough, your child won’t be able to stop him/herself from getting their hands on it.

Praise your child when they make an effort to eat the food they don’t like. Whether you believe it or not, children like the idea of making their mothers happy and when you let them know that you are happy about them eating it, it gives them a sense of satisfaction.

Try adding various flavors to the food which gives a better taste to the food. Little children especially like bland food with something like sugar or ketchup. Try changing the taste of the food without changing the ingredients. If you child hates salty food, make it a little spicy or if they don’t like bland food, try adding the taste they like the most.

Colors also play an important role in the way some children tend to pick food. They might discard certain food item since it makes the food look like it has a bad taste. Some children don’t like brightly colored food. Check the pattern and see if your child has an aversion to a particular colored food.