Sneakers the Latest Trend in College Fashion

Not in the mood to wear heels while going to college? Do not fret; sporting a pair of sneakers will be great fun.

Rather than blindly following fashion trends featured in various fashion magazines, here is your chance to liven up a little, by donning the look you want with a dash of your own creativity.

The Sneaker Show

Sneakers are great alternatives for those occasions when heels are too dressy. You can actually team a pair of sneakers with almost any casual outfit that comes to your mind.

Although, they’ll go with anything but for a great look try them out with a pair of booty pants, leggings, nice fitted jeans, denim skirts or even short dresses. College-going youngsters can try some mixing and matching to look peppy in their sneakers. With sneakers, you can never commit a fashion faux pas. However, do keep “what’s in fashion” in mind.

This year sneakers are taking on as the latest trend in college fashion. Incredible variety of sneakers such as Converse, Pumas, Keds, Vans can be seen sported by college fashionistas.

Go off the edge

Even though there are lots of colors to choose from, we’ll say – the brighter, the better. The laces can be experimental too. Go for high-top sneakers and match it up with funky skirts or shorts to get that retro feel.

Rock it with the check print or look snazzy in ankle high striped sneakers. A nice pair of pink converse sneakers teamed with a short dress with floral prints, is some thing that’s a must have for all the young college going teenagers.

Put it all together

Accessorize the way you want and you are all set to be the cynosure of all eyes. You can also go for a nice tank or a tube top or even a halter-neck and slip into a pair of well fitted knee-length black leggings. Put on a pair of denim shorts after having worn the leggings.

Complete the look with trendy retro sneakers and you are sure to turn some heads. Sneakers might sound a little lackluster in comparison with other footwear, but the right styling and attitude can make all the difference to your entire look, whatever outfit you are teaming them with.

Comfort and style

Sneakers are the best comfortable footwear in terms of daily use and wear and tear. Be it exercising at the gym, going to college or going uphill for trekking, sneaker are the way to go. It sure is worth investing in a pair of sneakers as they are the ultimate attention grabbers, at college.

Sidharth Thakur