Smoky Eye Makeup Tips and Techniques: Application by Steps

Smoky eyes are hot to look at and let’s face it, it is the hottest trend that can never go out of fashion in the world of make up.

This is the reason why every woman must learn how to do it as one never knows when you get in a mood to get it done.

While normal eye makeup is a thing that almost every woman can do but smoky eyes needs more attention and imagination.If done with right technique, it can add bundles of beauty to your face and allows you to set an ultimate fashion statement.

Firstly, apply a bit of foundation over lids and then a concealer to hide the dark circles, if any.
Coverage is essential as without it, makeup can look dull and incomplete. Then, choose the eye color depending on the attire and skin tone. For smoky eyes, you require dark color shadows.

Pick up a good eye liner and mascara that suits you but prefer black for the smoky look. You may apply sparkle shadow if you want a more dramatic look. To apply liner, begin with the inner corner and drag the brush towards the outer end.

Take a smudge brush and smudge the liner neatly. Next, apply another thin line of liquid liner to give eyes a neat look.

Then comes the eye shadow. Now be careful here. Start applying the dark shade from the outer corner of lids up till the crease. Darken the shade if you desire. Blend it all over but be careful towards the end.

Keep cotton with yourself if anything goes out of place. At the outer end, apply dots of liner pencil and then smudge it to get the whole smoky eye look. Then comes the mascara which required to be applied in layers.

It is advisable to apply 3 to 4 layers to get fully looking eyes. Volumizing mascara is best recommended but one could use the fake lashes as well. End the process with sparkle shadow if required. So this is how one can get the smoky eye look all by yourself.