Smoking Doesn’t Help In Beating Stress

quityoursmoking The number one excuse that most smokers make, to continue smoking cigarettes, is that these magic sticks helps them in beating down anxiety and stress.

You may just get into the habit because you want to try smoking for curiosity sake, or maybe that you feel it’s quite fashionable to smoke or may be just because everyone else around you is into smoking.

And it doesn’t really matter what got you into this addiction, because somewhere down the line when people tell you to quit-smoking your first defensive argument will be that cigarettes help you in dealing with stress and in warding away depression.

It’s a fact that most smokers have absolute faith in this deceptive belief that cigarettes can help you feel better when you’re feeling low, stressed out or when you’re in a bad mood. Smokers begin to believe that throwing out the wispy cigarette smoke helps in fading away the negative feelings of anger, disgust, fear and guilt that make bug their minds.

But well, if medical sciences were to be trusted and the recent research is to be believed, all this is nothing but wishful thinking because what smoking does to you is exactly the opposite.

The sense of relaxation that you get out of smoking a cigarette is completely false, because it is basically your body’s response to nicotine craving. Your body was craving for nicotine and the moment you got it you felt better, and after half an hour or so you will again be craving for it.

The cycle goes on and on and you begin smoking more and more, always supporting your addiction with the same old plea that smoking is a great stress buster.

Whatever you may say to defend your grounds, the fact remains that smoking doesn’t make any positive difference to your stress levels or to your personal well being.

It’s better to drop the idea of smoking so as to combat and cope up with stress, instead try something more positive and more workable like going out for a walk, playing some game, meditation, breathing exercises or listening to music whenever you’re faced with stress and anxiety.

Sidharth Thakur

  • Has anyone heard of these new electronic ciggarettes that you can get for like $100? You can buy the nicotine charges to put in them. They are smokeless cigs and release nicotine into your system. Apparently you can use them anywhere. The rechargers are like $60 each. Is something like this safe since you are not actually smoking? So what I am trying to ask is, is this a safe alternative to smoking?