Small Things That Can Help You Stay Together

senior-single-dating If you just happen to read through the love and relationship sections of newspapers, magazines and websites, you’ll find that most write-ups and most discussions are centered on the painful and problematic aspects of relationships. There are discussions on infidelity, increasing divorce rate, breakups and so on.

Now looking at all these, one does wonder deep inside, as to why do we really need these relationships, which bring in more pain and little gain. Grim, as the facts and statistics are, keeping your love relationship healthy and blooming is one difficult task.

If you closely analyze most of the relationship problems, you will realize that it is the ego of either one or both the partners which is the main reason for all the chaos. And because the egos stand strong, the partners are not able understand and approach each other with an open mind.

It’s mostly that both are trying to dominate each other, or at least one of them. And since nobody is willing to compromise and sacrifice, things take a bit of an uneasy turn and slowly small issues turn into major problems.

Now if you want your relationship to succeed you have to follow a few basic rules such as:

1. You both need to give up your  egos.

2. You need to spend more time communicating freely with each other and discussing not just major issues but even the small things about everyday life.

3. You need to respect and regard each other’s wishes, desires and ideology.

4. You need to think, act and behave as a couple and not as individuals.

5. Make compromises wherever required and wherever possible, but don’t overdo it as this turns into suppressed frustration over time.

6. Be considerate and open to your partner’s point of view, and don’t reprove him or her on every step.

7. While you need to cater to your partner’s desires, do remember that you must take some time out to spend on yourself so as to avoid stress and frustration buildups.

These are small things that you can do, and although they do not guarantee absolute success in love relationships, they’re still worth a try.

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Sidharth Thakur