Sleep Well When You Are Pregnant

sleep-during-pregnant Sound sleep and pregnancy seems two contradictory ideas. During the pregnancy period women generally wonder about the child or fantasize about the parenting. These things hamper the sleep. But sound sleep is very much needed to keep your body fit during this period.

During the first three months the body works more because of the extra hormonal production. Naturally you feel sick and sleepy. In the first trimester you actually rest a lot. But as the enlarged uterus presses the bladder you need to go bathroom constantly even at midnight. W

What you can do is to drink a lot of water during the day time and less before the sleep. Turn a night lamp on and keep the floor of your way to bedroom to bathroom clean so that you can smoothly make your midnight trip.

If it is possible take some power nap any time you want. If you have a baby the house, enjoy the siesta with him or her. You can also take rest on your working desk.

You may feel uncomfortable because of your tender breast. Arrange some comfortable pillow and try to sleep on the left side.

In the mid trimester look for some maternity pillow for a more comfortable sleep.

In the last three months the sleep becomes worse. But you need to prepare yourself for a sound sleep. If the season of hot you can take shower or at least wet your hand and feet before sleep. Keep an extra set of dress and innerwear beside your bed so that you can change easily when you would sweat.

You need to keep in mind certain things:

Try to sleep on the left side for better flow of blood.

Do not sleep on the back for a long time particularly on the last phase of pregnancy, because you may have back injuries for putting extra weight on the back.