Skinny Jeans: How To Wear Them Right

Stretchy and skinny denim has some sex appeal to it, maybe that’s one reason why you’ll find lots of your favorite celebrities and fashion models wearing slim-fitting jeans.
If you too would like to enjoy a great look with your skinny jeans, but aren’t sure how to buy one, read through and get to know the basics of skinny denim.


The skinny jean trend, keeps coming in and going out every now and then, but all through you’ll find that there are some people who love their skinny-jeans so much that they wouldn’t give them up, whether they are in trend or not. Here are a few skinny-jeans styles that are currently in the limelight.

Your first option is a straight leg skinny-jean, which enjoys a wider appeal because of its universally acceptable straight leg cut. And if you’re one who’s a bit reticent to try on skinny-jeans, well then you could make a start with this one because it brings out your curves without over clinging to your body. This is certainly a safer cut to experiment with as against most other skinny-jean cuts.

On the other extreme, are the super-skinny jeans made of a fiber that can take a lot of stretch and thus the jeans stick to your body almost like a second skin. And unless you have worn them earlier, you might find it difficult to move about in them because the fabric hugs you so snugly that you feel almost naked.

There is also a skinny jean style, which is somewhere in between the above mentioned two styles, and this one is a little flexible around the thighs and goes on tapering as it moves towards the ankle. If you aren’t comfortable in the super-skinny jeans, and still want the tapered look, then look for this style variant.

Buying a skinny jean

When you go looking for the perfect pair of skinny jeans, be sure to try it on and look into the mirror before you buy it. As for the shade, skinny jeans look best in darker shades such as dark blue, black, indigo on dark gray. In the lighter shade you will not be able to enjoy a leaner look, especially if your hips and thighs are on the wider side. And lastly if you don’t have any hip length tops then pick up some, because skinny-jeans look best with tops that almost cover the hips.

Sidharth Thakur