Skincare: Some Tips And Tricks

skin5 Skincare is one of the most important part of the beauty regimen and it is quite necessary too. However it is also the most neglected and as a result most of the times we see the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and then try to manage it with over the counter products that help to help us in dire crisis.

One should understand the science behind the skincare. The skin has it’s own system of repair and cleaning mainly through sweating. Most of the times the pores are clogged by dirt, grime and what not and as a result the natural process is hampered.

Before moisturizing therefore we must keep in mind that cleaning is very necessary to maintain a healthy skin. There are generally 3 different types of skin. Dry, oily and the mix. For the oily skin moisturizing is not very necessary as the skin produces enough sebum. But this excess sebum can clog the pores also.

So cleaning the skin with soap, and mild cleanser is very necessary. A toner or astringent that are skin tightening can also be used on the skin to make it firm and tight after cleaning. One must at all cost avoid alcohol based products that generally irritates the skin and
cause dehydration of it.

For the dry skin which tends to be rough and get flaked one must use moisturizer but not the oily type that clog the pores. Mild cleansers and warm water can be used to clean the skin. There may be a combination on the same skin. The forehead and the nose known as the T zone can be very oily where the other parts equally dry. Do not change the cleanser unless the difference is too severe.

At all cost remember to allow the skin to breathe. It is very important because not only the toxins but also the waste materials and other gases are also exchanged through the skin pores.