Skin Treatment Using Orange Peel

orange_peel_30949t This article will let you know if you have cellulite and help you understand the causes behind its appearance.

The pinch test

Use your finger and thumb to squeeze the skin. You may even use your palms. If you feel the squeezed skin to be smooth, it is simple old fat. However, if you bumps or wrinkles just like an orange peel, you have got cellulite.

Skinny people have it too

Women usually start having cellulite after they have crossed the age of 30. However, any age group may be affected by cellulite. Even men can have cellulite deposits around their abdomens and necks. Cellulite may become visible on the buttocks, thighs, hips, lower back, upper arms and at the part of upper back just under the shoulders. Though fat people have more probability of having cellulite, even skinny people may have it.

Cellulite has two types-the hard variety and the soft variety. The former is found in active people while the latter appears in people whose muscle tone is poor.

Who’s the culprit?

According to some researchers, genes are responsible for the development of cellulite. However, an inactive lifestyle, not having proper meals, poor blood circulation and increase of toxins in your body may also be the cause behind the appearance of cellulite. It may also occur during post- pregnancy period or due to the intake of contraceptive pills that increase the levels of estrogen.

The orange peel effect, also known as the cheese effect occurs when the body’s waste removal system does not work properly. As a result, the level of toxins increases. This in turn makes the connective tissue that encloses the muscles to get packed with fluid. This fluid consolidates into hard pockets. Such consolidation is responsible for giving your skin the look of an orange peel.