Skin Products For Dry Skin Around The Eyes

Our eyes are the mirrors to the world. The skin around the eye is very tender and sensitive. This is the thinnest skin of the face with no oil glands. Hence it is prone to a host of skin problems like drying and fine lines.

Dry skin around the eyes is a pretty frequent issue faced by many. This may lead to burning, itching, fine lines and a host of other problems.

The market is inundated with skincare products suitable for your skin. However, choose carefully and wisely as many of these products are strong synthetic chemicals with side effects. With the area around the eyes being so delicate, it is prone to this damage. Try to invest wisely in a product which will give you a solution.

Creams containing natural and herbal ingredients are your safest bet as these have minimal or no side effects. When working on the area around the eyes, eye moisturising serums are found to be very effective.

Eye serums: An eye serum works well as it contains one natural formulation. Natural formulations are found to be good in most of the conditions. Petroleum jelly, aloe vera, propolis are some natural substances found in a moisturizing serum. Make sure that your product does not contain alcohol.

Alcohol being a  dehydrant will make the eye area dry out even more. For example, pick up products containing babassu and honey. These will hydrate the skin around your eyes and over a period of time will make it soft. You can also massage that area with a little vitamin E oil before going off to sleep. Try using grated cucumber for cooling and soothing the area around the eyes.

Changes to make: Drink plenty of water as dehydration is always a major cause of drying up your skin. If you are a smoker then try to quit as smoking too leads to drying of skin. Eat a lot of fresh vegetable and fruits as dryness could be a cause of vitamin deficiency. Use a natural product preferably a moisturizing serum which can be easily absorbed and your dry skin will become soft again.