Skin Hydrating Delights With Some Cues

skin-care1 If you are looking for light, skin friendly, healthy makeup, then water-based makeup is perfect for you. It looks far more natural on skin than pancakes of heavy makeup! Read on for more.

Advantages On The  Skin: Water-based makeup has many advantages on the skin. It provides the skin with moisture removes excess oil and prevents acne and pimples. Water is best for sensitive skin types and skin which is susceptible to rashes, irritation or itching.

Why To Choose This?

Prevents Acne: Water-based makeup prevents acne, rashes and irritation of the skin. It is best for sensitive skin.

Easier To Remove: Dirt usually blocks the skin pores. While removing makeup, the residual dirt leads to blackheads. Water-based makeup is easy to remove by soap or light cleansing milk.

Concealer: Oily and sticky makeup makes the face look artificial and cannot conceal pores, acne or black spots properly. Hydra makeup is easy to use and covers up blemishes evenly.

Long Stay: Hydra makeup doesn’t stick to your skin making it oily, but remains for a long time. It also has a cooling effect and hence the best choice in summers.

Makeup Cues:

Skin Types Matter: If you have an oily skin, use astringent and if you have dry skin, go for toner.

Best For Summer: Hydra makeup is best to use in summers. Owing to a lot of sweat, makeup wears off. Water-based makeup holds it for a longer duration.

Blackheads Free Skin: Blackheads are usually caused by sebaceous glands of the skin. Oil widens the pore and hence causes dirt to settle in it leading to blackheads. Water keeps extra oil away from the skin keeping it blemish free.

Oil Free Foundations: Oil free foundations look more natural on the skin.

So, water-based makeup is great to use on skin, as it helps to keep your skin healthy and oil free and also gives a natural look, unlike those extra-shiny makeup! We recommend you to go the hydra way!