Skin Exfoliation – Some Tips

Exfoliation of skin is very much important to remove the dead skin cells and to build up new cells. Exfoliation helps in making the skin radiant and free of blemishes and pimples. It also helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Here are some tips which you can follow to exfoliate your skin.

Do not exfoliate daily as too much exfoliation is seen to cause the formation of dry skin. It will be enough to exfoliate your skin twice a week.Do not exfoliate dry skin. Exfoliate your skin only after cleansing it by washing thoroughly with warm water.

There are many chemical exfoliants available in the market today. They have alpha hydroxy acid as the key ingredient. The downside of these  products is that they will not be suited for everybody.

But instead of resorting to chemicals, you can also resort to home made natural exfoliation methods. Care is to taken while choosing and using exfoliants as the use of wrong products can cause damage to your skin. You should choose an exfoliation regime depending on your skin type.

If you have  sensitive and acne prone skin, you can use a natural exfoliating mixture made up of honey, lemon and sugar. Massage this mixture all over your skin in circular motions and rinse with warm water. The massaging can be done using a loofah or by using a moist wash cloth.

Another great natural exfoliants can be made by mixing together Epsom salt and petroleum jelly and a few drops of lavender oil. This is found to be very much suitable for people with normal skin.

A scrub made of honey and sugar is seen to be very effective in exfoliating dry skin types.Take one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of sugar and mix it with one tablespoon of coconut oil. Massage this mixture gently on to your face. Rinse off after 5 minutes to see immediate results.

If you have oily skin, then you can remake the above said scrub recipe by using olive oil instead of coconut oil. Washing your face with a solution of baking soda in warm water will also help in the removal of dead skin cells.

Follow up your exfoliation process with a good moisturizing procedure, so to prevent your skin from getting dry.