Skin Care with Olive Oil

2k8_olive_oil That humble bottle of olive oil, lying on your kitchen shelf, is worth more than just cooking oil. You may have seen beautiful celebrities endorsing natural skin care products made with olive oil or olive extract, and might still never have considered adding it to your bathroom cabinet. We all know how healthy olive oil is, but only few people realize that it offers fabulous benefits for skin care. Most of us are ready to shell out big money, to get those high tech skin care products, which contain all the weird sounding ingredients that we can’t even read, while ignoring the tremendously benefiting natural things lying in our kitchen.

The inorganic advanced formulas, that most of these high end cosmetics contain, can trigger negative effects on our skin, such as over production of free radicals, appearance of wrinkles and damaged collagen.

Why olive oil is the best?

Olive oil is a completely natural skincare option, with negligible toxic or side effects. And even some of the best skin care products contain olive oil in some or the other form, mainly because of its moisture trapping properties, which help in keeping the skin moist and smooth. A part from its ability to retain moisture, olive oil, brings in a big load of benefits such as improved elasticity, better circulation and a well toned skin texture.

Olive oil contains a lot of essential oils and nutrients which can be quite relieving if you have dry, flaky, cracked and itchy skin. Olive oil is loaded with anti-oxidants, which level out the damage caused by free radicals, and is thus a great remedy to slow down the signs of aging and the formation of fine lines.

Olive oil also feeds your skin with essential nutrients, like vitamin A and vitamin E which are needed buy your skin, to stay healthy. The next time you go shopping for your groceries; just add in one extra bottle of extra-virgin Olive oil, that you can keep in your bathroom cabinet, to enjoy a smooth, silky and healthy skin.

Sidharth Thakur