Skin Care With Different Skin Resurfacing Methods

The most popular anti-aging remedy in modern times is skin resurfacing.  This improves the looks and appearance of the skin, erasing scars, wrinkles, and hyperactive pigmentation, which are the discolored areas of the skin.

Many factors cause facial wrinkles like excessive sun exposure, aging, heredity, lack of proper nutrition, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Brown spots or blotchiness are effects of genetic factors or birth control pills.  Acne cause pits and produce uneven skin surface. All these skin symptoms can be improved with skin resurfacing.

With lots of research carried out and invention of modern equipment, today’s laser treatment is gentle, easy and safe than that was conducted in the past. The basic procedure of any skin treatment is to clear the top layer and fill in the crevices and wrinkles. These are generally present around the mouth and eyes.

With skin resurfacing, large areas of the face can be treated.Past methods had longer recovery times where bleeding, bruising, discomforts were the side effects. Consult the right doctor with references and point out the areas on your face and body where you want improvements.

This will enable the surgeon to know your needs and expectations.  There are different techniques for skin resurfacing and the surgeon will choose what is best for you. Laser skin resurfacing has many advantages, as they are simple and safe to perform.  They produce the desired effects.

There are different types of lasers that work at different layers of the skin to treat different skin conditions. The Ablative lasers help in vaporize the skin away. Fractionated lasers are best suited for wrinkles around the eye. The CO2 and ER: YAG is suited to remove acne scars. For skin resurfacing these above-mentioned procedures are ideal.

Not all skin care treatment is covered under insurance; Skin resurfacing cost is not usually covered by insurance. If precancerous skin conditions then insurance coverage is possible. Your surgeon will be able to guide about the insurance coverage.

The cost of treatment depends on a variety of factors. The cost include the surgeon fee, the facility fee, the pre and postoperative cost, anesthesia, medicines, ointments, dressing and creams. The patients can get all the prior information from the clinic. This skin resurfacing treatment is safe to use with minimum side effects.