Skin Care Routine

Summer is the time to go out in the sun and have a lot of fun. But sometimes too much fun can cause harm to you, especially to your skin. If you expose your skin to the sun too much, you can have a number of skin problems. You might have a burn, skin cancer, wrinkles, dry skin and many more problems.

You do not want that to happen to you. So during summer, you need to follow some skin care routines. They will keep your skin protected from the blazing sun.

Here are a few tips that will help you.

First rule, never under any circumstances, leave home without using a good sunscreen. That will keep your skin well protected. This rule is also applicable for the ones with dark complexion. The UV rays of the sun can harm you just as bad.  Use a lotion that has SPF 15. This will protect your skin 15 times compared to the regular sunscreen.

But it depends on your skin sensitivity to the sun rays. You may turn red easily barely after 10 minutes in the sun; if your skin is really sensitive, make sure that you protect it always with a good lotion before you go out of your house. Use a lotion with a higher SPF. Apply it on your skin 15 minutes before you go out.

Those who love to swim should be careful about the chlorine. Use a sunscreen that is water proof. This way, when you swim, the lotion will not wash off and your skin is protected from the harsh rays. While you are at it, make sure you do not forget about one of your very important organ, lips. They may not get a tan, but they need protection from the sun just like the rest of the body. Use lip color. There are lip colors that have UV protection as well. Use those just to be on the safe side.

During summer, time between 11 am to 3 pm is the worst. Try to sit indoors during this time. It is extremely hot with the sun rays beating down incessantly. You can use a sun tan lotion whose real purpose is to filter any UV rays that can harm your skin as you get a tan along the way. Do not use too much of cosmetics when you are going out. During summer, less is more. Drink a good amount of water.

This will keep your body well hydrated, thus keeping the skin well hydrated. When you reach home after a day out, make sure you wash your skin to get rid of the sunscreen. Apply mashed Cucumber for a cool soothing feeling and at the same time get rid of skin irritation. Alternatively, you can put on some after-sun lotion once you are rested after coming in from the sun. The after-sun lotion helps to moisturize your skin. With the above tips, you can enjoy a day out in the sun anytime in the summer.