Skin Care For Waxing

wax Waxing is perhaps the most popular way to get rid of the unwanted hair in your body and it is also widely used and tops over other processes like laser and electrolysis.

One of the main attractiveness is that it is quite cheap and does not involve any hassle. However one should take special care of the skin before waxing so as to get the maximum results with minimum skin irritation and  problems.

Check out the following steps before going to wax your body:

Check out the Hair Growth:

Check out the length of the hair on your body. I should be ¼ to ½ inch long before you wax them off. Small hairs do not adhere to the wax properly and will not yield optimum results.


Plan to wax the hair every six weeks. This is the best time within which the hair gets long enough to be waxed.

Dry hair:

You should at any cost avoid showering or soaking the hair in water before going for waxing. When hair becomes soft they become more resistant to wear and tear and may not adhere well with the wax. Dry hair is easy to remove and adhere to the wax better than wet hair.


As waxing involves pulling the hair from the roots it may be a bit irritating or lets say painful if your skin is over sensitive. Before going for waxing always take a mild analgesic tablet about 30-60 minutes before waxing. It will definitely help to ease irritation.


Be always sure to get waxed by an aesthetician that is those who are professionals in waxing. Lack of experience and common sense may result in the burning of the skin if the wax is applied too hot. So you should go for a professional.