Skin Care For Teens

facescrub Teenage is the time, when you are overly self conscious about your looks and a time when you’re willing to walk the extra mile to look pretty all the time. And if you have problems with your skin or your overall appearance, you may spend endless nights trying to sweeten the bitter experience.

Don’t forget to read about unique fashion for teenagers on our website, however for ultimate beauty, read on and find out how to take care of your skin to look refreshed and ready for absolutely any occasion.

Skin Care For Teenagers

To look beautiful on the outside, the first thing that you must do is to feel beautiful from inside, and see how the magic works. If you have a naturally beautiful skin, even sparse use of makeup can create that “all out” look for those special occasions.

Dry skin: to deal with this skin condition use a moisturizing mask before you get into the shower, and if that sounds like too much of work, just rub in a good amount of moisturizer. And after the shower, gently wipe off everything with a damp washcloth. You can also scrub your face mildly with a bathing sponge, but don’t forget to re-moisturize your face after the shower.

Oily skin: the best way to keep this skin healthy is to tone it, both before and after the shower. Oily skin is normally seen layered with oil in the morning when you wake up, and washing it off with some warm water will do a lot of good to your skin. And since, keeping the skin moisturized is very important to maintain a healthy skin, get yourself some oil free moisturizer to dab on your skin, after the shower.

Combination skin: since the T zone on your face is likely to be oily, you must treat this area with a toner, but at the same time you must avoid using it on your cheeks where your skin is dry. Although some parts of your face may be dry, you will still be better off with an oil-free moisturizer.

Makeup Tips

For a night in the town, apply some foundation to your face, but be particular about the shade of the foundation and find one that is the closest match for your natural skin-tone. And when you want to hit the discotheque, deck up your eyes with some eye shadow and your lips with a lipstick, while avoiding flashy colors altogether.

Sidharth Thakur