Skin Care For Premature Infants

Skin Care For Premature Infants

Skin Care For Premature Infants Some of the babies are born before time, i.e. before 37 weeks due to various complications. These babies not only have very weak organs but also have immense delicate skin.

Their skin lacks the suitable amount of hair follicles and even looks transparent, fragile and over polished. In fact, their veins present underneath the skin also become noticeable. Thus, the skin of these babies requires better care and nourishment. You have to maintain extreme attentiveness while holding them in your arms.

Avoid Chemicals

The first and most important instruction is to avoid any kind of chemical. It is a far better idea to adopt natural or herbal products for your babies, but always consult the child physician before applying any of them. You can even opt for herbal soaps, which are less alkaline and thus reduce the chances of infections.

You should not use any kind of lotion, which contains artificial fragrance; otherwise, it may lead to severe allergies. Another harmful choice may be diaper wipes as they contain scents, which may infect the baby. Preferably, a tidy and soft cloth should be used in order to cleanse the skin.

Body’s Warmth

The warmth of the mother or the father’s body can work miraculously for the premature infant. It improves the health of the baby to a great extent and also conditions his/ or her skin. You can also name it as Kangaroo care as it provides an artificial womb like feeling for the baby.

For this, you have to first remove all the clothing of your baby and hold the baby on to your bare chest and cover yourself with a warm cloth. Make sure that you place the head of the infant next to your heart so that the little angel can listen to your heartbeats. This will help the baby to breathe better and also sustain his/ or her body temperature.

Importance of Mother’s Milk

Mother’s milk can work as an antidote for the baby. If you breast feed the newborn baby, it will help in nourishing the skin to the certain extent. It will even strengthen the immune system so that the baby remains protected from external infections. You should feed the baby for at least 4-5 times a day and for as long as he/ or she wants to suck the nipples.

Proper Clothing

Most of the premature babies do not contain enough amount of brown fat required to manage the body heat. Thus, these infants should be covered with proper clothes in order to get the suitable warmth. Some of them even require special beds for receiving additional warmth.

Proper Environment

A proper environment is very essential for premature infants. They are very sensitive and cannot withstand any kind of harsh sensation. Therefore, you should keep your baby in a very peaceful place under proper supervision. You should also restrict yourself from coming very close to the baby or from touching without doctor’s advice.

It is always heartbreaking to see your baby in such a condition, but it is not in your hands. The best thing you can do is to take care of him/ or her by nourishing carefully and naturally.