Skin Care for Combination Skin

Skin care is essential to keep the personal hygiene up to the level and to look good as well. As for combination skin, it is different since there is nothing particular and specific skin care routine unlike oily and dry skin type. In such a skin, you have to do normal skin care plus see what else you skin requires and take care of it accordingly.

At some places in face, your skin is dry and at some places, it is oily so there is nothing specific cosmetic that you can apply to solve both the problems. But do not freak out as here are some tips that can ease your pain.

Firstly, like any other skin care regimen this one requires a proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing. For cleaning, just find a mild face wash in market and that would do. Avoid heavy ones or oily ones. Wash your face twice a day with it and follow it with application of toner and then a water based moisturizer. Then comes an important part of skin care and that is exfoliation.

Now this one cannot be ignored irrespective of skin type. You need a gentle scrub and with it scrub your skin once in a week. Put more pressure over the oily areas as these are the places where white and black heads occur. You can go for chin, nose and forehead areas in such case.

Face mask are essential since they add to the glow of skin and give it luster and nourish ness. These are also required to be applied once in a week. Choose fruit masks as they are meant for combination skin. Papaya, cucumber, mud, etc type of masks support combination skin well. These clear off the oil and take care of dry areas as well.

Then the final thing is to take care of tanning. To avoid it and be protected from the harmful UV rays, apply ample amount of sun block 20 minutes before going out anywhere, especially in summers. Use SPF 20 and the one which is oil free. Some basic things like good diet, drinking loads of water, perfect exercise regimen, etc need an obvious attention so do focus on them as well.