Skin Care – 5 Tips to Improve a Lady’s Skin

Being a lady can be little taxing at times as you are expected to look your best all the time. An attribute which sets every woman apart is her charm and her grooming.

You can be naturally bestowed with beauty but you should never take chances with your looks. Here is some help which will take you a long way.

Use a moisturizer: Use a good moisturizer for your whole body. Moisturizers act like water and will keep your skin hydrated. Lack of a moisturizer can make the skin rough. Over prolonged periods it may cause wrinkles. There are oil-based as well water-based moisturizers. You can take a pick depending on the needs of your skin.

A good moisturizer will act as a shield protecting you from everyday hazards of the environment like pollution. Many of the moisturizers today contain vitamins and even sunscreens to protect your skin against the damage of the sun. It will also help in the proper circulation of fluids like lymph and the blood. In the case of childbirth, it helps in the retention of water for beautiful and healthy skin.

Experiment with makeup: Consult your beauty advisor and keep changing makeup. Experiment with your looks and buy good makeup. It may not be the most expensive things picked up from a beauty store. The quality should be good and it should not harm your skin in any way. Experimenting with new looks can become a feel good factor for you.

Tightening your bust: Make use of lotions which tighten your bust line. Your breasts can lose their beauty because of various factors like age, child birth or insufficient diet. You can make use of lotions or creams which help to restore the curvature and firmness of sagging breasts. Moisturizers are not helpful as the composition of skin around the bust is not the same as the rest of the body.

Body brushing: Body brushing helps to increase the body’s circulation. It helps in unclogging all the pores of the body. It also lessen the appearance of cellulite. Brush in the direction of your heart. It helps in the removal of dead skin cells and also aids in digestion.

Exfoliate regularly: It is good to exfoliate regularly as it helps in the shedding of dead cells. Removal  of dead cells assists the pores so they can better absorb all the lotions and creams.

Keep in mind to lead a healthy life. Exercise regularly and drink ten glasses of water. Eat a diet rich in fiber, include a lot of fruits and juices in your diet. Take care of your internal balance and it will speak for itself externally.