Sizzling Summer Fashions That You Need to Know

Summer is the time to spend in the sun and let your hair loose. During this season one feels the urge to wear lighter clothes that are easy on the skin. It is also the season to go on long family vacations so it is important to plan your summer wardrobe no matter where you decide to spend these warm months of the year.

Capri pants and cropped pants make the headlines during summer. Wearing hot pants are now a lost cause. You can wear Capri pants or cropped pants with a pair or flat sandals during the day or to the beach; if you want a more sexy or formal look you could team the pants with a pair of high heel shoes. Khakis are very comfortable to wear in the summer and you won’t go wrong if you choose to wear white pants.

Have fun while choosing your summer blouses. Look out for feminine colors and cuts and don’t feel shy to wear halters and tube tops in the night. They only make you look hotter. Drape a scarf around yourself to look like a blouse when you are at the beach. Always carry a pull over or a shrug with you for the night; it will save you if the temperature drops.

With regards to accessories you can let your imagination run wild. Thong slippers and flip flops are a rage during the season but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear your stilettos. Kitten heels look fabulous during this season too. Wear belts in bright hues and ensure that you always have chunky jewels on.

Don’t forget to have an oversized bag. This will help you to carry your sun protective lotion, your bottle of water and all other accessories that you need to carry with you for the day. Cane and jute bags are a must –have for the summer and denim is making its way into the scene this year too.

Don’t forget to carry a hat and your sunglasses with you always. You need to protect your eyes and shield yourself from the heat as often as possible.