Six Useful Parenting Tips For Single Mother

Parenting though a very satisfying job can be extremely stressful. It is very hard to raise children with two parents and it is definitely harder as a single parent.

Most single mothers run into the risk of wanting to be a super mom for their kids. In the end they just burn out especially if there are more than two kids to handle. These super moms must learn to ask for help or support to raise their children. Without a good support system it is almost impossible to raise kids in this society.

Many child welfare professionals recommend single moms to develop a social network to form a support system to help themselves in times of need. They want the single parents to be aware that money can run out any time so they might have to bring up their kids without any support.

More important is that they need to bring up their children as responsible adults, which is an uphill task in this current society. As single mom you are solely responsible for your child’s health, food, clothes, shelter, schooling and everything which is essential for them. Parenting is very expensive and a demanding job.

And for a single parent with two or more it is difficult task ahead. For those who do not fall under the category of super moms and are not shy from asking for financial or any support they can achieve a lot being practical. First and the foremost parenting tips for single mom is that they need to take care of themselves both physically and mentally.

Have a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise and rest. As suggested earlier, joining a parenting network to develop a support group helps in many ways. This support system can be through internet, board, online chat groups, local church community or through support group centers. Maintain a private parenting journal. This can be very therapeutic and can be an eye-opener in many issues that you face as part of parenting.

Share the space with another person who can help you in babysitting and to share your living expense with. Though parenting is tough do not forget to give unconditional love to your children. It will help them to grow up with confidence and self esteem. But, draw line where it matters and discipline them when required. Never lose your temper in front as they can push you even further.