6 Steps To Get Emerald Eyes

emerald eyes tips

Your eyes define your beauty and speak about the inner person you are. Enhancing them is the foremost step to expressing and defining your beauty. Make up can do wonders and can give you those pixie cool looking eyes you have always desired.

six steps to get emerald eyes

Emerald eyes are the most preferred look for late night parties and weddings. Brides die for the look as it grabs a lot of attention making you feel special at once! It gives you a full-on glamour look making you the stunning diva! You will not be able to help those stares and the extra attention once you flaunt your eyes with the emerald look.

So make your eyes look bold green and mesmerise everyone around with your magic eyes!

Products Needed to Achieve Emerald Eyes

• Face wash, toner and moisturiser as per your skin type
• Foundation as per your skin tone and type
• Blush as per your skin tone and type
• Pink Lipstick or gloss brighter than your skin tone
• Clear brow gel
• Green eye shadow, powder or gel based
• Deep grey eye pencil
• Clear volume mascara

Bring on the vibrant fairy dust with the following six steps


Six Steps to Get Emerald Eyes

Step 1

Clean, tone and moisturise your face with a water- based moisturiser. This will retain normal texture of the skin.

Moisture Your Face

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Step 2

Give ten minutes time for moisturiser to absorb in to your skin then blend a lightweight foundation all over your face making it look evenly toned. This will prevent your face from looking dually shaded when you will apply the green eye shadow.


Step 3

Dust an orange-peach blush evenly to your cheeks. Make sure your skin looks naturally flawless after application of the foundation and the blush. Avoid applying cakes of both the cosmetics.

orange peak blush

Step 4

Bring alive that pout with a creamy pink shade of lipstick or gloss. Choose a shade in pink brighter to your skin to make your skin glow.

Creamy shade

Step 5

Since it’s a colour heavy look, attention will be drawn towards your eye area. So focus on it and place your brows neatly with a clear brow gel. Enhance them with the shape and look you desire.

Step 6

Wave the magic wand! Select a shade of green (preferably bright green) and evenly apply it all over your upper eyelid to your eye socket. Shade it in to your brow bone as well, if your eye shape allows you. Use a deep grey eye pencil to line your lower lid in a diffused line from the outer edge to the middle to balance out the colour on your upper lid.

Green Shade

Finish your look with oodles of clear mascara. Achieve a babe cum girly look by just doing the look once. Remember to keep your hair neat and unfussy. You have to draw all attention toward your eyes so nothing else should come in its way! Slick it back in a ponytail or leave them open with no strands covering your face.